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These are some of the projects I've worked on

These are the projects I've been involved with:


Digital Marketing Consultant


I research and conduct and manage digital marketing efforts for our world class conferences and increase attendance through strategic partnerships and networking. Email marketing, LinkedIn ad Campaigns, Newsletters, Webinars, and Sales Funnels are all a parts of the strategy.

Relationship Manager and Marketing Consultant

I oversee the coordination and management of strategic partners for our corporate trainings. This includes logistics and details of events as well as communication and customer relations.

Consulting and Training

motivACTION is a concept and set of principles designed to engage the mind and spirit to make meaningful progress toward your goals and dreams. Through FEELING what you know you are able to overcome the performance gap between knowledge and application.

Consulting and Training

Using hands-on workshops and engaging training we help you build a positive and engaged team that produces results. Whether you're going through big change, need more effective communication on your team, or simply want to be a more fun and adaptive leader, PLAY THEORY can help!

Community Engagement and Training

Through receiving others into the Product Peel community via engaging training content we were able to increase the quality of the product reviews and empower users to share their knowledge with others using the platform.

Home automation Reviews

LifeAutomators is a group of passionate techies that are passionate about home automation and helping others identify and acquire the best products to make their life easier. Automate the monotonous stuff so you can live the important stuff.

Social Media Marketing

At MOJO LONGBOARDS I helped an innovative long boarding company with their social media marketing and community engagement. MOJO is the home of the EVE long board.