Every time we set a goal or aspire to do something or go somewhere we begin the process of the PERCEIVE matrix. This completely original and research driven model will help you stay motivated and achieve your goals. I have scoured the internet and I have not found anything like this. This is a game changer. Let me explain how it works…


The Axes:

  • Vertical axis = PERCEIVED VALUE
  • Horizontal axis = PERCEIVED CAPABILITY 

Now let me explain the different boxes of the MATRIX.



When we don’t perceive value or capability toward a goal, we really don’t have a GOAL We are not making progress because we have no destination or goal to aim for. We are dormant.



But…When you perceive both Value AND Capability, you are in the achieve box.  You have a goal and you are actively pursuing it. You are excited and feel capable of achieving your goal



We would love to be in the ACHIEVE box as often as possible, but unfortunately we spend a lot of our time in two other boxes.



Let’s say we have a goal and that we do perceive value in it, but we don’t perceive capability. That’s when we become depressed. We want to do something or become something but we don’t believe we have the ability or resources to do it. We don’t perceive capability.


We’ve all been here before, it’s no fun. It’s DEPRESSING.


The actual definition of depression is: “a mental condition characterized by feelings of severe despondency (or loss of hope)”. This is something that you desperately want and believe in. But you don’t feel capable of getting it.

Situations that might fall into this category are:

  • Big dreams that you once had that have faded as the clock ticks on
  • Wanting to be in a relationship with somebody you think is amazing but way out of your league
  • Something that you know you need to do in order to be successful but don’t even know where to begin

I think we spend a lot of time here. But there is another little box where we hang out as well.



Now let’s say that PC is not the problem. Sometimes we perceive a great deal of capability in pursuing a goal but we don’t perceive value. When this happens we are disengaged. We know we are capable but lack a compelling why behind the goal. This usually happens when duties or goals are imposed on us rather than native to our own will and desires. These are things that you are capable of doing but you’re not invested in.

Some examples might include:

  • Tasks at work.
  • Chores
  • Homework
  • Basically anything you should be doing instead of watching Netflix

We’ve all experienced this when we set a goal. We might start off great but then we experience competing priorities, lose sight of the reason we set out to achieve our goal in the first place and slowly drift into the disengaged box.


We don’t want to be in any of the D boxes (as I call them). BUT WE OFTEN ARE


Now the question for us is not “Do we want to be in the Achieve box?” rather, it is: “How do we leave the D BOXES and get into the ACHIEVE box?”


Take the PERCEIVE TO ACHIEVE training to find out how:



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