We all have goals. Lose weight, start a business, write a book, travel Europe, get out of debt, etc. But often we fall short of our goals no matter how motivated we might initially feel. What keeps us from accomplishing our goals and getting the results we want?


PERCEIVED VALUE and PERCEIVED CAPABILITY are the two ingredients to true progress and motivation.


A study at Clemson University explored goal setting in relation to two situational variables. Using a sample of 499 undergraduate students who listed grade goals for their classes, they found that perceived value and perceived capability were the only two consistent variables that determined success. They said goal setting and motivation consist of:

“...the perception of value or relevance of a topic”

“...our perception of how likely we'll be successful”


Perceived value is THE WHY behind a goal. It's something that you believe will benefit your life in some way. There are certainly things you could list off the top of your head right now that fall into this category


These are things that you feel will make your life better. Businesses define it as:


“The worth that a product or service has in the mind of the consumer. The consumer's perceived value of a good or service affects the price that he or she is willing to pay for it.”

It’s the same for us in our personal lives. The higher the perceived value, the more effort we are willing to put into acquiring it. That is PERCEIVED VALUE


Now let’s look at perceived capability. Perceived capability is THE HOW behind a goal or effort. It’s a belief that you have sufficient ability and resources in order to acquire the things you value in your life.

Chuck Coonradt (The Author of “Game of Work” and a goal setting expert) said: “Unless people believe that winning is possible, resistance to change is inevitable.” 

This concept totally applies to goal setting and motivation. We have to believe that winning is possible, or we won’t be invested in or committed to our goal. That is PERCEIVED CAPABILITY


As you apply these groundbreaking concepts, you will have the tools and mindset necessary to make real progress in your life and achieve your goals.

I would love to know how it goes 😉



All great achievers that have ever lived have used the principles of perceived value and perceived capability to change the world

They were all in the Achieve box.


The Wright Brothers

  • PV =  They perceived infinite value in flight. It's all they dreamed of at night and day.
  • PC = They not only succeeded in sustained flight, but were able to successfully repeat their flights over and over due to a relentless system of testing, tracking, and continuously improving their efforts. This was their Perceived Capability

Walt Disney

  • PV = Walt Disney wanted to start a company that fulfilled children dreams and to create a visual for children to believe that dreams do come true if you only believe.
  • PC = He had incredible work ethic and had success early on in his life that helped him perceive capability in pursuing this dream

Steve Jobs

  • PV = Changing the world through groundbreaking technology
  • PC = Mentors and associates that were capable of harnessing the power of technology
founding fathers_250

The Founding Fathers

  • PV = Freedom of Religion
  • PC = God on their side